After 40 years in business and over 20 of those with the same brand, Davey approached Rhythm to deliver a fresh brand strategy and execution. Like all good branding we began with a strategy that resulted in a clear understanding of what Davey wanted to stand for now and in the future. They are a hardworking, humble company that mostly appeal to the ‘everyman’, however they also have a maverick streak and a willingness to be bold and different in how they work and how they treat their customers.

With three coastal locations, we looked at combining surf and streetwear brands with minimalist corporate identities that we love. Now almost fully rolled out, what we ended up with was a fresh new brand that accurately reflects the people who currently work in the company whilst paying tribute to its heritage.

“The surprise for us when we engaged the team to look at our brand was the depth they went to expose our brand personality and market penetration. The end result is that we now know our strengths, our market is clear what we stand for and we are clearly differentiated from a crowded and competitive industry. The team is very easy to work with, think laterally and will surprise you with their complete and multilayered analysis, approach and results.”

Director: Andrew Davey