When tasked with showcasing Play-based Learning in three short videos, we were struck with infinite creative options to tell a story around a vast and varied subject. PBL appears straight-forward based on its name, but involves an understanding of the kinds of teaching that can happen, the many decisions students and teachers make each day to shape their learning, and the unique learning outcomes each child can achieve within a Year K-2 curriculum.

Play is something that both teachers and children understand, and research champions the idea that play enhances learning. Children who play challenging and fun games, make choices on what and where they learn, and actively express how they learn can achieve far more. 

The Department of Education required three videos; an overview of the program, a video about indoor and outdoor learning environments, and a video speaking directly to the need for a child to express agency in their learning. Each video had to present real solutions to teachers with varying access to resources in remote, rural and regional centres, in addition to those in the Perth metro area. Some teachers perceive a challenge with PBL because they lack high-end technology or big budgets to invest in elaborate play spaces. We wanted these videos to show real examples of innovative and achievable PBL environments within a visual language that is playful, resourceful and imaginative in their execution. 

Director/Editor: John McGovarin
Producer: Amber Sims
DOP: Justin Griffiths