If there was ever such a thing as the perfect problem – DIAB came to us with just that.

Success and growth at such a rate they could hardly keep up. They simply needed to source “a lot of good quality people, fast”. The one stumbling block was that, until now, DIAB has been a quiet achiever with a limited brand presence. To attract fresh recruits, the spot needed to enlighten the audience on who DIAB is as and what they stand for as a brand.

The challenge was to create a genuine and emotive video piece that would communicate the company’s grassroots values, and be ‘real’ about the intense, physical nature of the work. This honest approach was designed to connect with and attract potential new recruits in an authentic way.

Director, John McGovarin, came up with a creative solution. What would have usually been an initial research session, would become the audio script and narrative to the video. 

Production started with a few beers with the DIAB team of Matthew Cross, Steve Tognolini and Glen Payne, having a chat about their connection to the business, (Glen’s father was one of the founding members), and where it had all started. A discreet sound recorder captured every word. As the conversation flowed, the guys opened up about what it really meant to work for DIAB – the good times, the hard work, the sacrifices and opportunities; and the sense of purpose that came from being part of a company built on strong work ethics and family values.

Following the recording session, the crew spent five days travelling to some of the work sites around WA. They captured vision of the industrial landscapes, the heavy machinery, and the DIAB teams hard at work – from waking up in their ‘dongas’ at dawn, to sharing a meal at the mess hall at dusk.

This lifestyle is not for everyone, it is by no means luxury, yet the crew felt a real sense of loyalty, purpose and pride in the workers they met across the various sites. This was what it meant to work for DIAB, and the message was loud and clear: if that sounds like something you want to be a part of – DIAB are ready when you are.

Director/Editor: John McGovarin
Producers: Jess Parker and Amber Sims
DOP: Justin Griffiths