The brief was to create a set of materials that would raise awareness amongst Western Australian youth about the prevalence and risk of sexually transmitted infections, and the importance of using condoms. The call to action was simple: always wear a condom and get yourself tested.

The campaign was to include all media channels: TV, radio, print and online, and have a lifespan of at least twenty-four months. 

Following some market research, we confirmed the need for an outside of the box type of strategy to communicate with this demographic. The primary challenge would be crafting something that would cut through short attention spans, as well as the oversaturation of existing marketing on their key channels. 

We needed to speak their language visually, aesthetically and ensure the message sticks. Our team developed the core proposition: Whenever you have unprotected sex with someone, you’re effectively having sex with their past partners, and these partners’ past partners, and so on.

Visually, Rhythm wanted to make Other Voices appear as a cross between a high end fragrance commercial and a music video. This meant opening with strong, engaging visuals before revealing the twist of the other voices, and the key messaging. The strategy was twofold – entice the viewer in with beautiful imagery, and create a sense of surprise with the end messaging – resulting in an effective and shareable piece of content.

Director / Editor: Adam Rule
Producer: Jess Parker
Creative: Adam Cannell and Tom Wilson