At the start of 2018 Rhythm was approached by the Department of Health to work on the new Youth STI (Sexually Transmittable Infections) campaign. The brief was to create a set of communications that would raise awareness amongst the target audience about the prevalence and high risk of catching and spreading STIs, and the importance of using condoms. The call to action was simple: go to website and take an online test.

The campaign was to include TV, radio, print and various online channels and have a lifespan of at least 24 months. We wanted to demonstrate how easily STIs are spread in order to motivate them to get tested and wear condoms. Most importantly, we needed a proposition that made them think about it in a different way. Our team developed the core proposition: Whenever you have unprotected sex with someone, you’re effectively having sex with their past partners, and their partners’ past partners, and so on.

The team set about producing four high impact concepts that were then tested in research. A series of focus groups were held in Perth and Bunbury, split out across age groups and gender so as to get the most honest intel as possible. The key challenge with this demographic was how do we deliver the message in such a way so as to engage and hold the attention span of 16 to 24-year-olds.

The final stage was applying the learnings from the focus groups and then producing the work. The selected concept was ‘Other Voices’ which featured a man and woman in bed together getting amorous. As things heat up the man starts to hear the voices of the woman’s past lovers – both male and female.

The primary goal with creating content for this demographic was crafting something that would be worth watching and cut through their short attention spans, and the over-saturation of video and still ads already in market.

Visually, Rhythm wanted to make ‘Other Voices’ initially appear as a cross between a luxurious fragrance commercial and a music video. This meant opening with strong, engaging visuals before revealing the twist of the ‘other voices’ and the key messaging. The strategy was twofold – entice the viewer in with beautiful imagery, and create a sense of surprise with the end messaging – making the content more interesting and shareable.

Producer: Jessica Parker
Creative Director / Director: Adam Rule
Copywriter: Tom Wilson

Art Director: Adam Cannell
DOP: Ross Metcalf
AC: Cameron Davis
Gaffer: Dion Borrett
Best Boy: David Duong
Art dept: Kylie Clifford
HMU: Kate Farmer
Sound: Justin Braine
Music: Andrew Wright
Talent: Anya Kenner + Alex Arco