Continuing our flourishing relationship with the Department of Education, Rhythm was tasked with creating a video to present Perth to international students as an enticing option for continuing their education abroad. 

With numerous locations and content to capture, and a limited timeframe, we tailored our creative treatment to suit. Our approach was to create a video that operated within the parameters of filming in a school – by capturing dynamic and short scenes to encapsulate the variety and possibilities of high school in Perth.

Across the six day shoot, director Frank Carroll and cinematographer Justin Griffiths worked closely with each school liaison to select students to appear within the video. 

“As this video was directed toward the China market, it was important we represented this demographic within the video. We asked students of Chinese background and heritage to feature prominently, but it was essential that we convey multiculturalism by ensuring all students were included.”

Director/Editor: Frank Carroll
Producer: Amber Sims
DOP: Justin Griffiiths