Rhythm was approached by the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services (KAMS) to provide creative and production services for a Kimberley Womens AFL sponsored initiative. The objective was twofold – to bring awareness and support to the league, and to encourage women to live active, healthy lives.

KAMS were keen on creating their own ‘Nike’ styled ad – part motivational, part aspirational and something the people of the Kimberley could be proud of.

Rhythm came highly recommended from another health agency to Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service (KAMS) when we were looking to create an advert around women’s AFL. From the outset Rhythm understood the objective and overall vision of the campaign. Coming from Perth and filming in remote Kimberley communities can be challenging and needs to be conducted in a culturally sensitive manner. The Rhythm crew understood this and was able to not only film in this context but bought out the strength and beauty of this environment and the people.

– Katy Crawford, KAMS

In order to produce something of quality, with a limited budget, in remote areas meant that Director, Adam Rule and his team had to rely heavily on the production support from the KAMS’s Broome-based team. Rhythm sent a small team of four up to the Kimberley for a rigorous five day shoot across various remote locations.

“We were tasked with an exciting brief, and from the word go, we were all in. We crafted a strong idea and worked with the KAMS team to find our hero talent across the Kimberly. The production team were very excited about my vision of shooting as natural and realistic as possible. In the end we only used lighting for a couple of internal scenes – the spot was 80% naturally lit,” says Adam.

With this kind of project there are numerous challenges. The remote areas of these outback Aboriginal communities, the cultural sensitivities of such locations, and the fact that most of the talent wrangling was done via social media were all obstacles to overcome.

Despite this, the project was an eye opener for the Rhythm team. Says Adam, “We took a team of film professionals to some very remote areas not knowing what we would find. It was quite challenging but in the end it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The people of the Kimberly are beautiful and fun. We were all very honoured to produce something they could be proud of.” – Adam Rule

From a creative standpoint, Adam wanted the spot to feel very natural and gritty. The Kimberley is a place full of beauty but it can also be a very harsh existence – especially for some of these women. We wanted to reflect that in the texture and aesthetic of the piece. Adam worked with DOP Ross Metcalf to create a look that captured the harsh reality, juxtaposed with the beauty of the landscape and the people. The soundscape was built to inspire and motivate. Natural sounds captured on location mixed with music and created sounds from expert engineer Josh Hogan.

Despite the small market, the result has been tremendous for both KAMS and the WKAFL. The web spot had close to 20,000 views in a short space of time and the spots have been picked up by AFL Australia and NITV who are airing them free of charge.

Says Adam, “I was in the Pilbara region on another job a few months after the WKAFL job went to air and talked with some women who were raving about how the ad motivates them to get out and train. That meant the world to us”.

The final product was impressive and has received high praise from all that has viewed the clips. Throughout the process Rhythm has been easy to communicate with and has stuck to tight timelines. We would not hesitate to recommend Rhythm and plan on working with them in the near future.

– Katy Crawford, KAMS

Director / Editor: Adam Rule
Producer: Gemma Rule