Rhythm was fortunate enough to work with The Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association, on a video campaign designed to promote the beautiful and diverse Margaret River region, to interstate and local audiences who would otherwise holiday overseas. The videos are for display in the region’s tourism centres, and also shared across Your Margaret River Region’s distribution and social media channels. 

Given the channels, there was a need to include the popular and high-traffic locations as well as the ‘secret spots’ or ‘local gems’. Each video had to be captivating and exciting, and provide a sense of pride to the more local market. In order to tap into the key demographic of women aged between 25-40, the videos needed to hit people who are in the ‘dreaming’ phase of making travel decisions. 

Rhythm’s creative pitch was built around exploration using ‘RE’ words such as ‘REmember’ and ‘REdiscover’ to evoke a sense of nostalgia in the target audience, as well as being a subtle call to action. By using ‘real’ talent – locals from the various regions – the videos are earthy and emotive, and speak to the heart and soul of the viewer.

We had four regions, each with their own set of issues and needs so we had to build an approach that would work across all four – creating a set of films that felt the same but each had their own energy and identity. Chances are the target audience has seen a great deal of the typical location-based imagery of southern WA – we wanted to uncover something new, make it a little more unexpected.

– Adam Rule, Director

I was on set with the Rhythm team every day of the shoot and they were great to work with. We had an incredibly tight shoot and lots of different locations to fit in, but Adam would handle the talent and communicate the shot list quickly to ensure that we could get what we needed before moving on. Despite earning himself the nickname ‘Steven Spielberg’ from the locals (after getting people out of bed for 5am start times), Adam executed the brief extremely professionally.” 

– Sophie Mathewson, MRBTA

Creatives: Adam Rule, Adam Cannell and Tom Wilson
Director: Adam Rule
Producer: Jess Parker
Edit/Grade: Adam Rule & John McGovarin