Rhythm have been fortunate enough to work with CircuitWest on a number of projects, including a visual guide to promote the Performing Spaces program and initiative, a series of case studies promoting the benefits of engaging with the program, as well as training videos for creatives in the industry to pitching and marketing in the world of the new normal.

The performing arts is a wonderfully creative industry and it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with clients such as CircuitWest. From working with talent artists and performers, to going out bush to interview regional communities who have benefited, we’ve been really pleased with the end products and the impact they have continued to make in the industry.

CircuitWest has had Rhythm as its production company and creative partner across a number of important art education projects. We have found them invest their own passion in our plans, bring extensive insight and ideas into each concept and deliver technically superior  and visually moving works that are always a level above our initial brief. They work collaboratively, cooperatively and nothing was ever too much trouble. We have been proud to launch each of our Rhythm projects and would recommend them to anyone seeking a visually powerful solution to a communications challenge.
– Sam Lynch, CircuitWest

Director/ Editors: Adam Rule and Chris Martin
Producers: Lauren Elliott, Amber Sims and Jess Parker