CircuitWest’s initial brief called for a promotional video for the Performing Spaces Guide – a blueprint for regional communities to assist in utilising infrastructure for the performing arts. Doing so has proven to be a wonderful tool to unite, connect and enhance communities, much like what sport does.

What was briefed in as a fairly typical case study highlighting the benefits of the performing arts and performing arts spaces within WA quickly turned into something slightly different. Director Adam Rule’s vision was to tap into the emotion associated with tangible evidence of the performing arts transforming individuals and the communities they live in. The result is a patchwork of interviews and images that looks and feels more like a video poem rather than your typical promotional video.

Putting this together was no easy feat. A great deal of time and effort went into finding and co-ordinating the many volunteer performers and interview subjects in Mandurah, Harvey and Carnarvon. Performers were taken out of their comfort zones and placed into the regional environments creating a nice balance between people and place.

“The Performing Spaces video has already become a vital resource in the performing arts sector across WA. It’s a valuable tool which will help local government staff become even more aware of the power of their performing arts infrastructure to achieve real change in their communities. Working on this project with Rhythm has been an exciting challenge for us at CircuitWest. We had an ambitious task, a big state to cover and a tight timeframe. The team at Rhythm were un-phased by the challenge and creatively and boldly turned our vision into reality. We were so impressed by the heart and the passion they brought to the project and we think the results speak for themselves.”

– Andrew Baker, Program Manager, CircuitWest

Director: Adam Rule
Producer: Jess Parker
Assistant Producer: Courtney Dagasso
Copywriter: Daniel St. Vincent 
DoP: Justin Griffiths
A/C: Balazs Kajcsa 
Sound/Drone Operator: Richard Hubbard
Post Production: Adam Rule
VFX: Tim Harris

Sound Design: Justin Braine