Sue the Boy is an Australian jewellery company based in Byron Bay, NSW. They specialise in men’s signet rings and necklaces. After looking at their branding and online presence Chris, one of our directors, saw a great opportunity to collaborate with this exciting new business.

There’s something quite cinematic to the process of ring making. Perhaps it’s the dichotomy between the forging and smashing of metal with the intricate and gentle process of etching and design.

The idea behind this campaign was formed around the symbol of a circle. Something with no beginning or end. Chris saw a connection between the ring maker’s creativity and art and the objects he was making.  In the same way rings have no beginning or end, neither does the creative process and the quest to find inspiration and ‘that idea’.

The Letter’s of Utrecht was a fitting voice to this piece. This poem has also been dubbed ‘the poem with no end’. It is a piece of street poetry that is forever expanding through the paths and walls of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The lines have been written by Utrecht’s guild of poets – the direction of the piece being left to the proceeding artists alone.

Chris wanted to abandon any linear sense of narrative in this work. He felt the start and end shouldn’t be clear. What is left is a montage of emotions – fear, frustration, inspiration, calm and anger.

Sue the Boy – Messy Rings in Precious Metals.

Director/Editor: Chris Martin